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Walking through the gates of the first annual High and Mighty Festival presented by KLOS was more like entering into the festival you've always dreamed of: free beer in an extensive craft beer garden to the right, a towering Yo-yo swing ride to the left, and two side-by-side stages waiting patiently in the distance to be rocked by the best bands in the reggae and hip hop business. It felt more than appropriate that this backyard party was going down in the middle of Garden Grove, straight out of a Sublime song, considering Sublime with Rome was headlining Day One! Although the sun was relentless, beaming down on the crowd from the get-go, that didn't deter festival-goers to show up on time for NOAHJVMES and Tyrone's Jacket to christen the adjacent stages. If you haven't seen Tyrone's Jacket in action, their anomalous performance will knock your socks off... and then some. With literal swingers whizzing by overhead, the day continued with Tunnel Vision, King Lil G, Katastro, Magic!, Stick Figure, SOJA, and the festival cohosts themselves, Sublime. Although the music was cut short at 10pm due to city restrictions, the magic was there, and nobody seemed to mind calling it an early night. Enjoy some shots of Day One above, and stay tuned for the Top Shelf Reggae Day Two gallery coming soon.

Photography by Kristy Rose

Source: https://topshelfreggae.com/gallery/high-mighty-2017-day-one
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