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Boston to Santa Barbara band Cydeways has a new live video for their single "Love for Two", the latest off their recent But It Aint House Music debut LP. A track about the confusing qualms spurred about by a budding relationship, Cydeways jams out their relationship angst live style in this video shot and edited by Ryan Edwards Visuals.

...if you have to alter yourself to satisfy another, that person isn't worth your time to begin with. 

Walking into a nondescript venue, with metal music wafting in from an equally nondescript out of sight stage, the Cydeways boys grab their instruments to gear up for their set. Instead of taking the aforementioned metal stage, the three-piece band begins playing to no one a track about going nowhere. Lyrics on miscommunication and "all I've got is static" mentality juxtaposes the upbeat and uplifting timbre, a timbre that coincides with the Cydeways boys being hopeful for the future. If only there was a reset button to "fix my [relationship] radio"! Stuck on love, Cydeways says only "time will tell" if a person can change enough to ease a mismatched romance. This change is visually represented in the bridge, when the band members' shirts disappear and wigs apparate onto their heads – voila, metamorphosis complete.

What Cydeways is subtly saying in this video is if you have to alter yourself to satisfy another, that person isn't worth your time to begin with. Bye Felicia. Or, perhaps not... maybe Cydeways is apt and eager to please. Whatever the case, the band's debut album But it Aint House Music is now available on all digital outlets.

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