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Campers craweled out of their tents to a sunny Sunday and Day Two of the premiere Same Same But Different Fest (SSBD) on the shores of the expansive and serene Lake Perris. Band Of Gringos paved the way to a music-filled day, followed by MDRN HSTRY with one of two festival founders on drums. A heart-warming speech was given by festy co-founder Peter Eichar as a traditional cacao ceremony was taking place across the grounds – one of many workshops throughout the weekend. Reggae-rock band Tomorows Bad Seeds shook up the Same Same Stage next; one girl hula hooped with her feet throughout the set's entirety. Up next was second festival founder's band, Broken Stems, bringing out the jazzy, funky feel from the day before.

The Floozies lit up the night with a psychedelic laser show to match their flowy, fab EDM-funk.

Knower upped the midday tempo, complete with a string of corn enthusiasts getting crunk with freshly shucked cobs. If you thought that sight was bizarre, Capyac took attendees so much further down the rabbit hole you could imagine, with outlandish costumes, peculiar dancers and oddly-placed props. Dirtwire continued the dance party, playing a slew of instruments dressed as Spanish outlaws, before Moon Hooch took redefined horn sections. Sax and drums and keys... what a mind-melting combo. Last, but far from least, The Floozies lit up the night with a psychedelic laser show to match their flowy, fab EDM-funk. Deejays took over after the headliner adjorned although most had to unfortunately journey back to real life. It was Monday, after all.

Same Same But Different Festival, being its first year, remains a cherished memory to early adopters solely through experiencing its exclusivity. The people that decided to trust in its promised essence and take the plunge did not regret it. We will be the ones who watch it grow and reflect on its humble (yet so extraordinary) beginnings down the line. We are the SSBD family. Now, who's coming with us to Year Two?

Photography by Kristy Rose

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