House of Reggae Pt. 140

Welcome aboard for another hour long journey along the highways and by-ways of fine Jamaican music that will cross the decades and genres and take in some wonderful sounds from the last 50 years. So press that play button below and get ready to move your feet to the beat… The Royals – We Are […]

Home of Reggae Pt. 141 – Home Special

Trying to find a place to call home has featured in so many Jamaican songs over the decades, that I’ve gathered a few of my favourites together which explore these feelings of dislocation and the dreams for a better life… Karl Bryan – A House Is Not A Home Rising Son – Everyone Should Have […]

Walshy Fire & The Expanders presents “Give Thanks For Life” riddim album | Top Shelf Reggae

Los Angeles-based reggae-rock band The Expanders have become known for their rootsy, rocksteady sound throughout the trajectory of their musical career. Standing as a perfect riddim band, The Expanders previously pumped out an album earlier this year alongside renowned EDM artist Walshy Fire (of Major Lazer) entitled Top Shelf Riddim, featuring the likes of Queen Omega, […]

House of Reggae Pt. 142

Welcome aboard for another 60 minute selection of some fine Jamaican music including some brand new releases, some stone cold classics and a celebration of the huge contribution of 2 legendary figures who have very recently passed away… Harry J Allstars – Liquidator Lloyd Robinson – Cuss Cuss Delton Screechie – Jah Is My Light […]

A view of The Elovaters & forthcoming “Defy Gravity” album review | Top Shelf Reggae

Let me preface with how this think piece originally began in January 2018, while Jackson Wetherbee (vocals, guitar), Johnny “Blaze” Alves (guitar), Nick Asta (drums), Derrick Cabral (percussion), Greg Nectow (keys) and newest oddity to this seamless collection, Matt Link (bass), were down at White Star Sound in Virginia. If this spot sounds familiar, that is normal. It's the […]

Tune in, drop out at Desert Daze 2018 | Top Shelf Reggae

Ever since the birth of Burning Man, the festival experience has pivoted from a simple weekend of music to that of a transcendental enigma. Passive voyeurism is dead. The Burn made way for other festivals to follow in pursuit of life, love and eternal consciousness, such as the biannual Joshua Tree or NorCal’s EDM-meets-yoga Lightning […]

House of Reggae Pt. 143 – Greatest Special

Roll up roll up to hear 60 minutes of the best Jamaican music ever on the greatest reggae show on the internet. So stop what you’re doing and press that play button below as it’s time for the all-conquering House of Reggae’s Greatest Special… Tommy McCook – The Great Tommy McCook Roy Panton – Mighty […]

KAABOO 2018: Day Two | Top Shelf Reggae

KAABOO Del Mar 2018 forged on with Day Two on Saturday, September 15th. Attendees poured into the Del Mar Fairgrounds just as early as the day before to catch opening acts Lost Beach, Creature Canyon and FITNESS before Soul Asylum took the MGM Stage to much applause. 90s-lovers basked in the early day nostalgia (whether […]

House of Reggae Pt. 144

Fill up the tea pot and settle in for another hour long celebration of fine Jamaican music, with facts, details, trivia and of course a wealth of great tunes spanning the last 50 years… Garnett Silk – Cry Of My People Luciano ft Nitty Kutchie – Freedom Skatalites – Cleopatra Larry Marshall – It Makes […]

WORLD VIDEO PREMIERE: Katchafire “100” | Top Shelf Reggae

New Zealand roots-reggae rockers Katchafire brings another track to life off their latest LEGACY LP in this world video premiere of “100”. As an ode to family, the video for the single starts with footage from Katchafire tours: rolling down the Las Vegas Strip, seeing “Katchafire” on a big marquee, roaming random downtown streets and […]

House of Reggae Pt. 145 – Leaders Special

I’m going to be ignoring Bob Dylan’s Subterranean advice today, because of instead of watching parking meters, we’re going to be following leaders, as through the medium of some fine reggae music, we’re travelling around the world, from Africa to Europe and from America to China, to hear about some of the men and women […]

Dry Reef “Daychange” album review | Top Shelf Reggae

The name of this east coast band, Dry Reef, rolls off the tongue in much the same sweet-sounding fashion as the group so often plays. The indie-surf rockers rose to prominence and managed to secure a nice following in a very short amount of time. The four band members are clearly overachievers because their new […]

House of Reggae Pt. 146

Welcome aboard once again as we take a nice leisurely stroll through the backwaters of some fine Jamaican music while stopping off here and there to take in some detail and trivia… The Maytals – Night And Day Johnny & The Attractions – Coming On The Scene Lord Fly – Whai Whai Whai Jesse Royal […]

House of Reggae Pt. 147 – Dub Special

Welcome aboard, as today I’m picking out just a few of my favourite dubs from the 1970’s, to help tell a story of how a handful of men mastered the rudimentary recording equipment and mixing desks of Jamaica and transformed recorded music into something that no-one had ever heard before, in the House of Reggae’s […]

91x presents Scallywag! San Diego | Top Shelf Reggae

There are some things in life that go better with other things: peanut butter with jelly, iPhones with power chords, yin with yang. Along the lines of essential pairings comes beer with punk rock – you simply can't separate the two. World-renowned FM radio station 91x in San Diego knows this all too well and […]

House of Reggae Pt. 148

All aboard for another hour long journey along the rocky road of fine Jamaican music, replete with the usual information, detail and trivia… Prince Jazzbo – Crabwalking Freddie McKay – I’m A Free Man Horace Andy – Problems Augustus Pablo – Lover’s Mood Paketo Wilson & Derajah – Ina De Yaad Addis Pablo – Pablo […]

KAABOO Del Mar 2018: Day One | Top Shelf Reggae

The gates opened to lines wrapped around every building to kick off Day One of the world-famous KAABOO Del Mar at San Diego's Del Mar Fairgrounds, back in its fourth year. The late morning of Friday, September 14th was a hot one, so much so that the bask area filled up fast. Between the three […]

House of Reggae Pt. 149 – New Orleans Special

Welcome aboard once again to my musical time travelling machine as today I’m taking you on a journey back in time to the 1950’s and 60’s, and matching up the connections, influences and inspirations that the city of New Orleans had on Jamaican music, in the House of Reggae’s New Orleans Special… The Upsetters – […]

Irie G at Winston’s OB | Top Shelf Reggae

On August 22nd, Irie G packed the house on a Reggae Wednesday night at Winston's OB, a neighborhood weekly destination hosted by renowned reggae DJ Carlos Culture of alt-radio station 94.9. His San Diego-based All–Star band for the night included Carlos Liera on trumpet, John Herb on trombone, Ty Kiernan on percussion, Kaya Hall (K-Skunk) […]

House of Reggae Pt. 150

I’ve got another hour of songs lined up to play for you here in the House of Reggae, where the music is sweet for your dancing pleasure while you swing and dine and dance for your money… The Melodians – Swing & Dine Don Drummond – Don De Lion Danny Dread – Reggae Music A […]

Collective Thought debuts with “Rise” album | Top Shelf Reggae

Socially-conscious and forward-thinking band Collective Thought of Austin, Texas has released their inaugural album since their formation in 2016! Concert-goers that have caught Collective Thought live around the southwest are fully aware that they not only entertain, but enlighten as they do, and now, the band has pressed music to prove it. Rise, a 10-track […]

House of Reggae 2013 Annual

It’s that time of the year to look back and take stock of the last 12 months and enjoy some of the great music which has been released. So plump up the cushion, pour yourself a large glass of your favourite tipple and settle in for the House of Reggae’s 2013 Annual… Addis Pablo – […]

House of Reggae Pt. 151

Step this way for another 60 minute sprinkling of fine Jamaican music, where I’ll be paying tribute to some recently departed reggae legends, as well as one of the world’s greatest inspirations… Sugar Minott – Letter To Nelson Mandela Junior Soul – Glendevon Special Junior Soul – Rescue The Children Mellow Larks – Time To […]

The full KAABOO 4 feels | Top Shelf Reggae

If three-day music festivals don't leave you feeling entertained, then they didn’t do their job. In the realm of captivating competence, KAABOO far exceeds expectations. With street performers parading as wild animals and robots, there’s always something to see and do at San Diego’s world-renowned KAABOO Del Mar. The 4th Annual began like any other, […]

House of Reggae Pt. 152 – Sufferer’s Special

Today I’m picking out some of my favourite tunes which give a voice to the voiceless and reflect what daily life can really be like for people who live in the ghettoes and garrisons of Kingston as well as in impoverished towns and villages across Jamaica, in the House of Reggae’s Sufferer’s Special… Kingstonians – […]