Being at Bayfest San Diego | Top Shelf Reggae

There's nothing like a family reunion. Now imagine one without any family drama, surrounded by endless familiar faces on a beautiful day sprawled across the breathtaking lawns of San Diego's Embarcadero Marina Park North, with the monumental Coronado Speedway looming in the distance, boats passing by on the water and the palatial highrises of the […]

Scallywag San Diego 2018 | Top Shelf Reggae

Saturday, October 20th marked the last stop on the travelling tour known as Scallywag Fest (or Ye Scallywag to some). Punk and ska promotion with the classy touch of craft beer, Scallywag cycles around in the fall, hitting cities such as Denver, Auburn and more. San Diego brought up the Scallywag caboose, yet boasted an […]

91x presents Scallywag! San Diego | Top Shelf Reggae

There are some things in life that go better with other things: peanut butter with jelly, iPhones with power chords, yin with yang. Along the lines of essential pairings comes beer with punk rock – you simply can't separate the two. World-renowned FM radio station 91x in San Diego knows this all too well and […]