House of Reggae Pt. 164 – Single Syllable Patois Special

Step this way for another hour of fine Jamaican music, where today I’m celebrating the abbreviated colloquialisms and sayings that regularly turn up in many reggae song titles in the House of Reggae’s single syllable patois special… Eek A Mouse – Wa Do Dem Carl Meeks – Weh Dem Fah Desmond Dekker – A It […]

House of Reggae Pt. 165

Welcome in for another hour of fine Jamaican music, where we’ll be jumping into our time travel machine and taking a journey along the rocky road of reggae music… The Skatalites ft. King Sporty – Lawless Street Baba Motta & His Jamaicans – She Pon Top Prince Buster – She Pon Top Shuga & Ikaya […]

House of Reggae Pt. 166

Here comes another hour of fine Jamaican music, where I get to delve deep into the reggae archive and pull out plenty of hit songs and forgotten gems… Roman Stewart – Hit Song Dillinger – Natty Sings A Hit Song Johnny & The Attractions – Lets Get Together Xana Romeo – Righteous Path Jimmy Riley […]

House of Reggae Pt. 167 – Bass Special

After a longer than anticipated break, the doors of the House of Reggae are open once again and today I am paying an extended tribute to some of the legendary Mr Bassie’s of Jamaica who over the last six decades have provided the bone-tickling, speaker-troubling bass-lines that have become reggae’s signature sound in the House […]

House of Reggae Pt. 168

Welcome in for another hour of fine Jamaican music served up with the usual information, detail and trivia… Chronixx – Play Some Roots Sarah Lugo & Protoje – Really Like You Linval Thompson – Ethiopian Girl Anthony Johnson – Africa Jah Thomas – Stereo Graph Style Anthony Johnson – Gun Shot Jah Thomas & Toyan […]

House of Reggae Pt. 169 – Lonely Special

I’m asking for you to keep me company today while I play some tear-jerking Jamaican music full of tales of lost souls and rejected lovers in the House of Reggae’s Lonely Special Johnny Dizzy Moore – Lonely Reggae Freddie McKay – Lonely Man The Techniques – Lonely Lonely Man Am I Keith & Tex – […]

House of Reggae Pt. 170

Welcome aboard for another hour of fine Jamaican music, where I’ll be travelling up and down the highway of reggae and stopping off at various points along the way to enjoy the sounds of today and yesteryear… The Gaylads – Over The Rainbow’s End Black Uhuru & Prince Hammer – African Love / Yogi Bear […]

House of Reggae Pt. 171 – Flute Special

Hot on the heels of the Bass Special I made earlier this year, this is the slightly more esoteric Flute Special, as I’ve picked out a selection of my favourite tracks which all feature this historic woodwind instrument, which lays claim to being the world’s oldest, as 35,000 year old flutes have recently been discovered […]

House of Reggae Pt. 172 – Rico & Madoo Special

Today I’m paying my respects to two recently departed legends, the pioneering trombonist Rico Rodriguez and the influential dancehall singer Madoo, in the House of Reggae’s Rico and Madoo Special… The Specials – Ghost Town Bells Group – Kingston 13 Higgs & Wilson – Come On Home Rico Rodriguez – Rico Special Prince Buster – […]

House of Reggae 2015 Annual

Season’s Greetings and welcome in for another hour of fine Jamaican music, where tradition has it in this final show of the year, I round up my favourite new releases of the last 12 months, while of course adding in a little information, detail and trivia along the way, while you just put your feet […]

House of Reggae Pt. 173

Welcome in for the first show of a brand new year, but with the same old format, as today I’m lining up another hours worth of fine Jamaican music that will feature a version excursion, a couple of new releases and a couple of tributes to the recently departed… Lynn Taitt & The Jets – […]

House of Reggae Pt. 174 – Temptations Special

The Temptations recordings in the 1960’s showcased their exquisite five piece vocal harmonies to full effect and had a great influence on rocksteady and reggae, so step this way to hear the story of one of America’s greatest soul groups told through the medium of their Jamaican cover versions… The Upsetters – My Girl John […]

House of Reggae Pt. 175

Step this way for another hour aboard the reggae train of fine Jamaican music, where we’ll be stopping of at all points from ska to dancehall… Jimmy Riley – Prophecy Al Campbell – Suit Your Self Skin, Flesh & Bones – Suit Your Dub Jahazeil – Who Am I Norman Grant – Matthew, Mark, Luke […]

House of Reggae Pt. 176 – War and Peace Special

Today I’ve picked out a handful of tunes which cover the many complex issues that arise during times of war and conflict, so it’s going to be just like reading Leo Tolstoy’s epic novel about the French invasion of Russia around 200 years ago, but with the added bonus of some great rhythm tracks, in […]

House of Reggae Pt. 177

Welcome in for another handpicked selection of fine Jamaican music from the last seven decades that today will feature a version excursion, some reissued rare gems, a couple of brand new releases and a tribute to the foundation artist Lord Tanamo… Lord Tanamo – I’m In The Mood For Ska Johnny Osbourne – Give A […]

House of Reggae Pt. 178 – Garden Special

Today I have a treat for all you horticulturists, as we’re leaving the house and going out into the back yard, for the House of Reggae’s Garden special… Don Drummond – Garden Of Love Rod Taylor – Garden Of Eden Freddie McKay – Peace In The Garden Lt Stitchie – Lyrics Garden Prince Alla & […]

House of Reggae Pt. 179

Welcome aboard for another hour long journey through the decades of fine Jamaican music, which today will include paying respect to the recently departed, hearing some great new releases and reissues and whatever else I can lay my hands on… Errol Walker – In These Times Easton Clarke – Dig A Hole Smiley & Asher […]

House of Reggae Pt. 180 – Rocksteady Special

In honour and celebration of the 50th anniversary of the birth of Rocksteady, I’ve picked out some of my favourite tunes from that magical era to shine a light on the great singers, musicians and producers and to try to understand its part in the evolution of Jamaican music. So clap your hands and stamp […]

House of Reggae Pt. 181 – Prince Buster Special

Welcome in for another celebration of fine Jamaican music where today I am paying an extended tribute to the King of Ska, Prince Buster, who passed away on the 8th September aged 78 years old, but back in the 1960’s he was a one man recording industry who sang, produced and released hundreds of records […]

House of Reggae Pt. 182

Step this way for another hour long selection of fine Jamaican music that today will feature tributes to some legendary figures of reggae alongside a trio of new releases… Bobby Ellis – Mr Ellis Clinton Fearon – No Justice Joy White – Dread Out Deh Yellowman – Mad Over Me Bob Marley – Judge Not […]

House of Reggae 2016 Annual

Welcome in for this year’s final selection of fine Jamaican music, so put on your diamond socks and your comfy slippers and pour yourself a glass of your favourite tipple while I trawl through the last 12 months of new reggae releases and pick out some of my favourite tunes for your listening pleasure in […]

House of Reggae Pt. 183

Step this way for another hour long stroll through the hills and valleys of fine Jamaican music for the first show of a new year where I’ve got lined up a handful of new releases, a version excursion and of course some old classics… Glen & Dave – Wake Up To Reality The Termites – […]

House of Reggae Pt. 184 – Railway Special

Welcome aboard. I am your conductor for the next hour as we embark upon another journey through the heart of fine Jamaican music, so please have your tickets ready for inspection for the House of Reggae’s Railway Special… Soul Brothers – Last Train To Skaville Ken Boothe – The Train Is Coming The Gladiators – […]

House of Reggae Pt. 185

It’s time for another hour of fine Jamaican music where today I am paying tribute to three musical legends, vocalist and percussionist Noel ‘Skully’ Simms, trombonist Ronald ‘Nambo’ Robinson and ex-Tennor and Ital Ronnie Davis, who have all sadly passed away this year… Ronnie Davis – Jah Jah Jahovia Mellow Cats – Rock A Man […]

House of Reggae Pt. 186

It’s time for another monthly delve through the archives to hand pick another hour of fine Jamaican music… The Pioneers – Me Little But Me Tallawah Keith & Tex – Touch My Hand Macka B – Legendary Reggae Icon Cornel Campbell – My Roots Girl The Radicals – Rum Tree The Termites – Rave All […]

House of Reggae Pt. 187 – Hills and Valleys Special

It’s time to put on your walking boots and fill up your knapsack as we head off on another hour long ramble through some fine Jamaican music in the House of Reggae’s Hills and Valleys Special… Augustus Pablo – Up Wareika Hill Buju Banton – Hills & Valleys Jah Cure – Trod In The Valley […]

House of Reggae Pt. 188 – Frankie Paul Special

Today I am paying tribute to Frankie Paul, one of the legendary singers of the dancehall, who sadly passed away last month aged just 51 years old. But back in the 1980’s and 90’s he was a one man record machine as he recorded dozens of albums and hundreds of singles, and so I’ve picked […]

House of Reggae Pt. 189

Welcome in for another hour of fine Jamaican music, chat and info… Culture – Two Sevens Clash Carlton & The Shoes – Never Let Go Courtney John – Southern Wind Errol Holt – Gimmie Gimmie Prince Far I – Zion Call Delton Screechie – Mix Up Midnight Riders – Cross The Border Fari Di Future […]

House of Reggae Pt. 190 – Royal Special

You are cordially invited in to Ian’s humble abode of Jamaican music as I crank up the gramophone and pull out an hour’s worth of majestic Jamaican music for the House of Reggae’s Royal Special… Augustus Pablo – King David’s Melody Prince Buster – Kings Of Old Vivian Jackson & Trinity – King Pharaoh’s Plague […]

House of Reggae Pt. 191

Step this way for another hour of fine Jamaican music where today I’m doing a triple tribute to three reggae legends who have passed away in recent weeks, the keyboard king Earl ‘Wire’ Lindo, the ska vocalist Winston Samuels and the reggae pioneer Larry Marshall… Larry Marshall – Nanny Goat Larry Marshall – Mean Girl […]

House of Reggae Pt. 192 – Alton Ellis Special

Get ready like Uncle Freddy for this special extended tribute to one of my favourite Jamaican artists who back in the rocksteady era was the only singer to make hit records at both Treasure Isle and Studio 1 and whose soulful tenor voice soothed a nation with songs of love and heartache alongside calls for […]

Fortunate Youth at Glass House | Top Shelf Reggae

On March 15, 2018 Fortunate Youth’s Wicked Awesome Spring Tour with Tatanka and Ballyhoo! made a stop at the Glass House Concert Hall in Pamona, CA. Tatanka got the night started; it was my first time hearing them and I really enjoyed myself! Next, was Ballyhoo! and they were on fire, as always, even pulling […]