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Need a doctor? Lea Love has your back in this Top Shelf Reggae world premiere of her latest single, “Doctor”, now available to stream on Soundcloud through the link below. Combining island vibes with a booming bass and fun beat, “Doctor” off Mensch House Records is a mellow, yet danceable track with more than a few marijuana metaphors.

Whatever may be your affliction, the doctor is in.

“Come get a hit of some love,” Lea Love invites listeners. You don’t have to suffer in silence; all you have to do is make the call. Whatever may be your affliction, the doctor is in. Lea Love offers up her proverbial Love Potion #9 with soft harmonized vocals that seem to float like smoke rings in the air as the track progresses. This effect not only heightens her healing lyrics, but further reinforces that once you get your prescription: puff, puff, “pass it on”. Knowledge is medicinal. Love is contagious. Let “music be your remedy”. Let's all band together to rejuvenate and regenerate this planet... dancing as we go.

The body of the track has a faint resemblance to house music, with subtle electronica throughout and a muted trumpet leading into the bridge. With all of the elements in the track working together, it’s almost a mental cure-all. Don’t believe us? Listen to it yourself (and don’t forget to tell us what you think):

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