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Packed up, gassed up and ready for the trek to Ft. Lauderdaleon April 21st and a few hours in the car with the Bumpin' Uglies new album later, we arrived at The Culture Room. As we checked out the area before the the doors opened, we spot a FlavRX van. The lyrics "I believe that if we stand together, we can get higher, higher, higher" that cascaded across left it impossible to wonder who was in town. If you still are unaware of the band Through The Roots – ding ding ding! Reining from San Diego, Through The Roots (TTR) was formed back in 08' and have proceeded to rise much "higher" since. Their non-stop tour schedule, insanely remarkable relationship with their fans and the beautiful music they create always make it so hard to say goodbye until next time. 

Any true TTR fan would have been ecstatic with the set list...

The night started off with local east coasters, Vibes Farm, bringing those homegrown and heady vibrations. They played a set that I would take the three-hour drive back for (and also are a bunch of great guys). Armed with a card and a hug, I set my sights for Through The Roots bassist, Budda Foster. It happened to be his birthday, so we celebrated accordingly – puffing, passing, walking the area and laughing. Remember friends, most of these shows act as reunions for a lot of us.
First time at this smaller venue, I soon realize there isn't a bad seat in the house. The Culture Room is filled with colorful lights and smoke, dancing through the beams. Coming off the release of their latest music video "Blood Shot Eyes", the Through The Roots show starts. Any true TTR fan would have been ecstatic with the set list: some old, some new and a sick rendition of the Game of Thrones theme song. Let's just say, it was a great night surrounded by amazing friends and music-goers. My appreciation and respect for this particular band of brothers is heavy and grows larger each time I see them.

The Coast to Coast Tour may be over, but don't fret my friends! TTR is known for their rigorous tour schedule and a summer tour is already in place. Check out tour dates below to catch a show near you.

Photography by Jay Cohen

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