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Jamaican artist Majah Bless strikes an anti-violence stance in this world music video premiere for "Gone Away", a track of Rebel Sound Records' latest African Trod Riddim compilation. The riddim is a gentle one, with simplistic bongo drums and traditional African sounds that exemplify the feeling of getting back to one's roots. The roots for Majah Bless is Jamaica: a place he no longer recognizes from his youth due to extensive, unwarrented violence.

...let's pave a better tomorrow by remembering the tranquility of yesterday.

Majah Bless recognizes several reasons in the track why his country has gotten this way. JA politicians have lesser regulations for gun control, allowing street gang numbers to rise and terrorism to reign. "Buyin' guns... you be dyin' young," chants Majah Bless, for it's too easy for the street to have "blood run". In the video by APS Columbian Films and Cally B of Small Axe Entertainment, Majah Bless opens his arms wide in a football field next to beautiful dancers, declaring "life is precious" so let's cherish it. Why is peace "gone away"? Friends "gone away"? Why is the ability to live life without worrying over personal and national security "gone away"?

With so much destruction in the world today, let's pave a better tomorrow by remembering the tranquility of yesterday. Majah Bless wants the futile, heart-wrenching atrocities to end, evident in the video's inclusion of patriotic symbols to truly drive the message home, like citizens proudly waving the Jamaican flag. We inhabit this earth together; let's start acting like it.

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