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It’s been a few years since Thrive's last full length release, but the band is back filling the airwaves with their positive and uplifting vibes. On July 27th, Thrive released their new LP, Be Love. The band has put out several full-length albums, EPs and a handful of singles, so this Northern California band is definitely not new to the scene.  Be Love is packed with many great hits to get your summer back in high gear.

Be Love is packed with many great hits to get your summer back in high gear.

The title track “Be Love” kicks off the album and gradually pulls the listener in. It has a very catchy tune and has a very familiar Thrive tone from the first time you listen to it. “What We Want” definitely kicks it up a notch and finds the band working like a well oiled machine with vocals and instruments in perfect harmony. A jaunty and warm "Ganja Tree" featuring Roots Underground and an acoustic track "Not Enemies" with Leon Davey of Katchafire help to instantly keep the album grounded. As the lyrics in that song says, this album "shines just like the sun” and this message carries throughout each one of their tracks.

The whole band is incredible but one of the most distinctive parts of Thrive is their use of horns in their music. Dan Herrera does an amazing job of adding complexity and artistic depth that help define the album.

In addition to the brand new album, they just kicked off their “Be Love 2018 Tour” in support of the album’s release. Thrive's live performances are always filled with unbelievable energy and is a show you don’t want to miss this summer!

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Track listing

  1. Be Love
  2. What We Want
  3. You Alone
  4. Trust
  5. Waiting
  6. Soft Spoken Man
  7. Not Enemies (Acoustic)
  8. Ganja Tree
  9. Teardrops
  10. Humble
  11. Cause and Effect
  12. All of My Life

Thrive "Trust" official video

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Release Date: July 27, 2018
Label: Roots Musician Records


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