House of Reggae Pt. 164 – Single Syllable Patois Special

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Step this way for another hour of fine Jamaican music, where today I'm celebrating the abbreviated colloquialisms and sayings that regularly turn up in many reggae song titles in the House of Reggae’s single syllable patois special… Eek A Mouse – Wa Do Dem Carl Meeks – Weh Dem Fah Desmond Dekker – A It Mek Junior Dread - A Wah Dat Barrington Levy & Trinity - A Ya We Deh Soulettes - A Deh Pon Dem Hopeton Lewis – A De Pon Dem Reggae Boys – Me No Born Yah Derrick Morgan - Mek It Tan Deh The Gladiators - Big Boo Boo Dey Wailing Souls - Who No Waan Come The Ethiopians - Mek You Go On So Freddie McKay – Nah Mek It Look So Super Cat & Tiger - A Wah Do Dem So Josey Wales - A Weh Dem A Go Do Log on to every Friday between 8 - 10pm UK time to hear the House of Reggae live. Thanks, Ian
House of Reggae

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