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New Mexico native Mister Kali speaks out against America's Food & Drug Administration throughout the title track off his latest album Hungry. The song, featuring Dub Gideon, dropped mid-January off Rebel Sound Records and is stuffed with eating clean initiatives, saying he'd rather go "hungry" than eat what passes for food in this country. Mister Kali is now adding visuals to his call to action lyrics in this world video premiere for "Hungry", only accessible on the Top Shelf site!

Mister Kali says live life to the fullest by avoiding "shelves full of poison"...

The video starts as Mister Kali traverses the aisles of a convenient store entitled "Fair 'N' Square" (let the irony ensue). Turning items over to read nutritional contents, words like "DEATH" flash across food labels, insinuating that our diet is killing us more than we're aware. The video, created by Brandyn Brady and Lucas Quinones, cuts between mulling around a grocery store and Mister Kali calmly trimming weed – a clear indication to keep it organic. But, here's the kicker: you can heal your body naturally with marijuana all you want, but medicine from the earth is rendered useless the minute you take your munchies down to the closest bodega to stuff your face with Funyuns. Consider yourself canceled out, my friend. Mister Kali says live life to the fullest by avoiding "shelves full of poison"; your body will thank you later.

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