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You know a track is a good one when you've spent the last 10 minutes swaying your head uncontrollably, soaking up the rhythms and hitting the repeat button once the track is over. From the very first seconds to the ultimate finale, there’s nothing except positivity and good feelings conveyed from the recording studio to the consumer. “Birth of Giants”, is Death by Dub’s second single as part of a monthly release series via Color Red. This track is an effortless, yet powerful listen.

This track is an effortless, yet powerful listen

Drawing influence from prominent dub producers Lee Perry and King Tubby and iconic reggae instrumentalists Tommy McCook and Rico Rodriguez, Dan Africano and Scott Flynn have formed a group in reverence of these pioneering artists. They have recruited a roster of musical collaborators with an equal passion for dub and reggae to create and to showcase the music they have grown to love including former John Brown's Body bandmates alongside members of The Motet, Thievery Corporation, and more.

In 2019, Death by Dub will release a new track on the first Tuesday of every month via Color Red. These single releases will be bolstered by exclusive content and culminate in a full album release. Color Red Studios has become a headquarters to capture the collaborative nature of Denver's booming music scene. Having longstanding musical relationships with producers Mike Tallman and Josh Fairman made Color Red the natural launching point for the project. You can learn more about the project and previous tracks here:

If you’re in the Colorado area, make sure to check out their show at Cervantes' on March 12th, 2019.

Death By Dub "Birth of Giants"

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